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Navigating the World of Acne and Blemishes with ETTO

Embarking on a skincare journey is akin to navigating through a maze. Acne and blemishes often form the challenging turns and confusing junctions. But with ETTO, you have a guiding star. Merging nature's therapeutic touch with state-of-the-art science, ETTO presents solutions for these skin quandaries. Let's dive deeper into the intricate world of acne, decode its origins, and unveil how ETTO's products rise to address each concern.

Understanding Acne & Blemishes: Locations and Causes

Acne isn't just restricted to the face; it often makes surprise appearances on the back, chest, shoulders, and even the buttocks. The root causes can differ based on the region.

1. Face
Whiteheads: Tiny, closed pimples filled with trapped oil and skin cells.
Caused By: Excessive oil production, dead skin cells, hormonal changes.

Blackheads: Open pimples that turn black due to oxidation.
Caused By: Build-up of sebum and dead skin cells in open hair follicles.

Papules & Pustules: Raised, red bumps and those with pus at their tips.
Caused By: Inflammation or bacterial infection in hair follicles due to sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

Blind Pimples: Painful lumps beneath the skin without a 'head'.
Caused By: Blocked hair follicles leading to bacterial growth underneath the skin.

2. Back, Shoulders, and Chest
Nodules & Cysts: Deep, painful lumps.
Caused By: Blocked pores irritated and enlarged due to deeper bacterial infections.

3. Buttocks
Papules, Pustules, and Nodules: Often arise due to friction from clothing and sweat.
Caused By: Combined effects of sweat, friction, and bacteria.

Diet, hormonal imbalances, dirt, and stress can intensify these issues, regardless of the region.

The Power of Terpinen-4-ol in Tea Tree Oil

At the heart of ETTO's unique formulations is the mighty terpinen-4-ol, the key bioactive component of tea tree oil. But why is it so revered in skincare?

Antimicrobial Properties: Terpinen-4-ol possesses strong antimicrobial capabilities, making it effective against the bacteria responsible for acne development.
Anti-inflammatory Effects: Acne often comes with redness and swelling. Terpinen-4-ol addresses this by reducing inflammation, helping calm irritated skin.
Deep Penetration: When used in products like the Micro-dart Patches, terpinen-4-ol's properties are delivered directly under the skin, targeting acne at its root.

ETTO's Arsenal Against Acne

1. Micro-dart Patches: A forerunner in acne care, these toxin-free patches release terpinen-4-ol beneath the skin's first layer, targeting whiteheads effectively.

2. Premedicated All Over Body Foam: Tailored for body acne, this foam, endowed with ETTO's signature terpinen-4-ol and antimicrobial coconut, offers comprehensive care. Beyond combating acne, it moisturises, reinforces the skin barrier, and eliminates odour-causing bacteria and fungi.

3. The Brush on Clay Mask: A treasure trove for skincare enthusiasts. Infused with 1.5% terpinen-4-ol and balanced with moisturising agents like macadamia oil & shea butter, this mask is a panacea for stressed skin. The inclusion of liquorice root and manuka honey adds brightness and calmness.

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ETTO doesn't just offer remedies; it provides a holistic skincare philosophy. Understanding the root causes of acne, combined with ETTO's expertise, paves the way for a clear-skin journey.

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