• The Clay Mask

    They Work!

    Bought for my teenage granddaughter, she absolutely loves the spot covers and the clay mask is proving a hit too!

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  • Premedicated All Over Body Foam

    Just 3 days!!!!
    Oh my goodness!! The 4 in one wash is phenomenal!!!! Just 3 days in, and my teenage son's skin is noticeably on the mend. Thank you for such an amazing product 🥰

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  • Acne Micro-dart Patches

    I highly recommend Etto tea tree acne micro dart patches,I used one on my chest when I spotted a pimple,did this in the evening and was impressed that the micro dart was still in place in the morning and when I removed it the pimple had just about disappeared,would definitely purchase again and recommend

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What is Better than Benzoyl Peroxide For Acne & Rosacea?

You may have seen the recent headlines and product recalls happening now on the back of the independent lab research that demonstrated the common acne treatment Benzoyl Peroxide generates unacceptable levels of benzene when exposed to high heat...

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