Why We Use Tea Tree Oil Over Benzoyl Peroxide For Pimples & Acne

Why We Use Tea Tree Oil Over Benzoyl Peroxide For Pimples & Acne

95% of teen boys and 85% of teen girls suffer from acne and annoyingly, breakouts can persist, or even begin, in adulthood. 25% of adult women and 12% of adult men report having pimples.

So if you are fighting spots, you are not alone!

Most likely you've tried a number of remedies. It is quite possible some of those remedies contained a synthetic ingredient called Benzoyl Peroxide (BZ). 

The problem with BZ is it can cause skin to become irritated, inflamed very dry and peel. Acne will get worse before it gets better when using BZ. 

Did you know that terpinen-4-ol, the bioactive in ETTO Tea Tree oil has been clinically proven to be just as effective as BZ and with less side effects?

When formulated incorrectly, BZ can become a carcinogen. 

Terpinen-4-ol is the cleaner, safer solution. Just make sure you are using fresh, unadulterated Tea Tree oil!

Learn more about fighting blemishes with Terpinen-4-ol as your plant ally below.

tea tree is better than benzoyl peroxide for acne

Blemish Control

Easy, effective daily remedies we recommend:

  • Kill bacteria: after cleansing, soak a cotton wool ball or cotton round with water, add 2-3 drops of ETTO Tea Tree oil and gently pat over skin. Soothes redness & inflammation thanks to anti-microbial properties.
  • Deep clean: skin daily with The Premedicated All Over Body Foam, ideal for face and body breakouts.
  • Spot treat: apply a drop or two of ETTO Tea Tree oil to a cotton bud and dab onto spot or apply a Premedicated Blemish Micro-dart patch and leave on overnight.
  • Steam: Add 10 drops of Tea Tree oil to a bowl of hot water. Lean your head over the bowl and cover your head with a towel to create a tent to keep the steam focused on your face. Stay for 5 or so minutes. Purifies pores, kills bacteria and leaves skin feeling smooth. 
  • Brush on Mask: we like to use The Clay Mask weekly to soothe inflamed skin, reduce redness, calm breakouts and rehydrate without greasiness. Can also be applied as a spot treatment as needed. 

how to get rid of bacne body acne

natural body wash for acne

"Oh my goodness! The 4 in one wash is fenominal! Just 3 days in, and my teenage son's skin is noticeably on the mend. Thank you for such an amazing product." - Rachael, Verified Buyer

natural tea tree clay mask for acne

tea tree clay mask for acne and blemishes

"I bought the clay mask for my teenage daughter. The packaging is great, so is the formulation and now I'm going to try more of the range. Would highly recommend Etto!" - Jane V., Verified Buyer

micro-dart pimple patches with tea tree

"I used one on my chest when I spotted a pimple, did this in the evening and was impressed that the micro dart was still in place in the morning and when I removed it the pimple had just about disappeared." - Vikki B., Verified Buyer

tea tree oil treatment for acne pimples breakouts

Powered by ETTO 41% terpinen-4-ol, the bioactive component extracted from Tea Tree plants grown on our Australian farm.
This antimicrobial botanical is clinically proven to reduce inflammation and fight against the skin bacteria that causes acne. 
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