When the bugs come out - Natural First Aid For Summer

When the bugs come out - Natural First Aid For Summer

With the onset of the warmer Spring weather & more time in Australia's great outdoors, it's essential to have natural first aid remedies on hand for the likes of:

  • bugs & more bugs
  • eczema flareups
  • hayfever
  • headlice
  • scratches & scrapes 
  • reef cuts
  • mosquitoes
  • ant bites
  • heat rash 
  • more bugs still
  • minor sun burn
  • mould
  • change of season viruses 

The effective, road tested, toxin free recommended remedies we are using below, naturally.

ETTO The Skin Balm for healing wounds cuts and bites


Springtime insects seem to be out in force at the moment! Remedies we recommend:

  • Ant bite: Apply The Skin Balm to reduce redness and provide analgesic benefits.
  • Mosquitos: Spray The Pure Oil Spray onto skin to deter mozzies from coming close without using chemicals.
  • Mosquito bite: Apply The Skin Balm to stop the itch. Pop on a Blemish Micro-dart patch to prevent scratching and to keep the analgesic benefits of Tea Tree on all day and overnight.
  • Bee sting: A dab of straight 100% Tea Tree oil & The Skin Balm to relieve pain.
  • Bug deterrent: Add Tea Tree and Blue Mallee oil to your home diffuser to permeate the air with the scent of Australian forest freshness and to deter midges, flies and mosquitoes from coming in.
  • Head lice: They love the warmer weather! Spritz The Pure Oil Spray into hats to deter the critters. Wash hair with Premedicated All over Body wash as a natural preventative.

ETTO Pure Oil Spray natural antiseptic tea tree & eucalyptus

Humidity is Rising

As humidity & heat sets in, mould & critters like ants & cockroaches start to creep in. Remedies we recommend:
  • Moths & mould: Keep wardrobes & linen cupboards mould & moth free with a few spritzes of The Pure Oil Spray into the space weekly. Keep Wool balls in the cupboard with a few drops of ETTO 100% Tea Tree oil and add extra drops weekly. When you buy Tea Tree oil we will include 3 x wool balls for free. 
  • Mould prone schoolbags: Prevent mouldy/stinky school bags by giving them a freshen up with The Pure Oil Spray. Also ideal for tents and sleeping bags. 

natural remedies for summer sun bites wounds

Time in the Sun

As we make our way outdoors, keep a few things on hand to protect & heal the little hiccups. Remedies we recommend:
  • Reef grazes: Take The Pure Oil Spray on surf trips to disinfect any cuts. Dab The Skin Balm on to soothe and repair skin.
  • Cuts & scrapes: when hiking & out about, clean any scrapes with The Pure Oil Spray which is an ideal antiseptic to spray directly onto wounds.
  • Minor solar burn: Add 10 drops of ETTO 100% Tea Tree oil with 20ml of water and use a cloth to gently dab onto tender skin to cool & provide pain relief. And soak in a cool bath with 20 drops of Tea Tree added. (Did you know Tea Tree has analgesic properties and ambulances use a burn product that uses Tea Tree as the active ingredient?).
  • Heat rash: Shower using The Premedicated All Over Body Foam, let the foam soak in for a minute before rinsing. Post shower apply The Skin Balm to damp skin.

ETTO The Skin Balm for wounds and eczema

Eczema Prone Skin Triggers 

Does your eczema flare-up in the warmer weather, and with the spring allergens, sweating & increased sun exposure? Recommended remedies:
  • Wash daily with the Premedicated All Over Body Wash. Let the foam sit on your skin for a minute before rinsing off to allow the anti-inflammatory properties to take affect.
  • The Clay Mask can be used on the body as well as the face and makes a therapeutic cooling and hydrating treatment.  
  • Soothe redness, inflamed & itchy skin by smoothing on the ultimate healing salve The Skin Balm.

ETTO Steam Inhalers to clear congestion and blocked noses naturally

Springtime Fever

The change of season tends to lend itself to a few viruses floating around, not to mention hay fever! Recommended remedies:
  • Congestion: As needed add a Forest Lungs Steam Inhaler to a bowl of hot water to assist breaking down congestion & clearing the sinuses. 
  • Hygiene: Spritz The Pure Oil Spray on hands to keep germs at bay when out and about. 
  • Pure air: Add a few drops of Blue Mallee Oil to your home diffuser to purify the air and keep the space smelling fresh like the Australian bush.
  • Pollen invasion: Rub a little of The Skin Balm around your nostrils and just on the inside to help capture any pollen. 
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