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100% Tea Tree Oil

100% Tea Tree Oil

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100% Melaleuca alternifolia 50mL


It is well known that Tea Tree Oil is scientifically proven to be a powerful antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. ETTO offers Tea Tree in its purest form with an exceptionally high 41% concentrate of the bioactive component terpinen-4-ol. We grow a superior variety on our Australian farm, we steam extract the oil without chemicals and can guarantee an undiluted oil, revealing a truly potent oil worthy of medicinal use. Use as a spot treatment on cuts & pimples. Dilute with water to wash over eczema, sun exposed skin & irritated skin. Useful around the home to disinfect and bring a fresh, verdant scent.

ETTO manages our Tea Tree from soil to oil. Grown, steam distilled and bottled in Australia on Bundjalung country.

Our box is made from cardboard and a biodegradable inner lining to protect the oil bottle during postage. Add the lining to your compost.

READ MORE about the Power of Terpinen-4-ol in Tea Tree Oil 


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- Superior Quality and Fragrance: Grown on Australian farms, using traditional steam distillation for pure extraction.

- Historical Use: Used by Bundjalung people as a natural remedy. Bungawalbyn, meaning ‘healing ground,’ has lagoons known as ‘healing waters.’

- Antiseptic Properties: Identified as an antiseptic in the 1920s, with proven bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

- Historical Significance: Included in every ANZAC kit during WW1 and WW2.

- Bioactive Component: Contains 35-48% Terpinen-4-ol for maximum effectiveness.

How to use

For Problem Skin & Body Breakouts
- Direct Application: 2 drops on a cotton bud or dilute 5 drops in 50ml water.
- Carrier Oil Blend: Mix with a carrier oil and massage into skin. Ideal post-shaving, sun exposure, breakouts, or post-shower.
- Steam Treatment: Add drops to warm water, inhale steam.

For Itchy Scalps & Feet
- Scalp Treatment: Add 3-5 drops to shampoo or a carrier oil, massage, leave 20 minutes, then wash.
- Foot Soak: Soak feet in water with 10-20 drops or apply to toenails with a cotton bud.
- Preventative Use: Add drops to hats before activities.

Home Use
- Cleaning and Deodorising:
- Add to toilet bowl, brush holder, seat, and flush button.
- Use on cotton balls in bins.
- Mix with baking soda and vinegar for drains.
- Add to washing machine or dryer balls.
- Use a teaspoon in 250ml water as a spray cleaner.
- Add to mop water.
- Wipe electronics and light switches.
- Clean makeup brushes.
- Add to diffuser or oil burner.

- Proper Storage: Store in a black glass bottle, keep lid tight, store in a cool, dry place. Use within 12 months.


100% ETTO Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) Oil. Pure & unadulterated.

Key ingredients

  • ETTO Tea Tree Oil
    Melaleuca alternifolia

    Sustainably farmed in Bundjalung country using circular farming methods Exceeds ISO standard for levels of Tea Tree’s key active component terpinen-4-ol

Our Tea Tree & Blue Mallee Eucalyptus oils are pure and unadulterated. We grow, steam distil & bottle all our products in Australia. Learn more about our Complete Transparency


Pure, UNADULTERATED, Australian Tea Tree Oil

  • Source Origin: Bundjalung country, East Australia. ETTO’s planting program establishes three million new Tea Trees every year. Adding to the 60 million trees we have already planted on our farms.
  • Distillation: We gently extract our oil the traditional way by using steam so no alcohol is used, producing an oil with a superior quality & fragrance. Our Tea Tree Oil is unadulterated & you can be sure you are getting 100% pure Tea Tree oil. It is verdant, fresh, with a slight spicy note.
  • Key properties: Research has identified Tea Tree as having antibacterial, anti-fungal, & pain relieving properties. The major bioactive component of Tea Tree Oil is Terpinen-4-ol. ETTO regularly has independent tests done and recent tests showed our Tea Tree oil contains a high level (35 – 48%) of Terpinen-4-ol.
  • Storage: Tea Tree oil needs to be protected from light & air to stay potent & fresh. Our bespoke glass is shaded black to block the light. We recommend storing it away from sunlight in a cool dry place.
  • Australian Made & Owned

    As an Australian-owned company operating in Australia, we strive to produce our products locally. All of our products are proudly manufactured and packaged within Australia by local firms. The only exception is our Micro-dart Pimple Patches, which are made in South Korea, as the required technology is not yet available in Australia.

  • Two hands holding Tea Tree Oil Bottle

    Soil to Oil

    ETTO manages both our Blue Mallee Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Oil from soil to oil. We grow, steam distill, and bottle in Australia on Wajarri & Bundjalung country using sustainable and regenerative farming practices. It is crucial that we consider how this care for the environment is integrated into every part of our business practices.

  • Potent & Pure

    ETTO's Blue Mallee and Tea Tree oils feature superior quality active ingredients, ensuring unparalleled efficacy. Our Blue Mallee oil contains a remarkable 84% cineole, significantly higher than the 60% typically found in Eucalyptus globulus. Our Tea Tree oil is rich in Terpinen-4-ol, ranging from 35 to 48%, essential for its bioactive benefits. These percentages are confirmed by our independent lab test results, which highlight the potency and purity of our products.