Ask Us How: Healing Cuts, Congestion & Dry Skin, Naturally.

Ask Us How: Healing Cuts, Congestion & Dry Skin, Naturally.

“My skin is so dry and flaky. What can I do”

Wash your face with the Premedicated All Over Body Foam. It is creamy and gentle with a coconut base that hydrates without stripping good oils from your skin. 

Pat dry and brush The Clay Mask evenly over your face, down your neck and on your chest. Moisturising factors Macadamia oil and Shea Butter will hydrate without greasiness. Plant extracts liquorice root, seaweed and manuka honey, will gently free dead skin cells that can cause a flaky appearance, as well as soothe any irritation. Your skin will feel plump, will look restored, brighter and pores will refine to give an even appearance on the skin making any serums, moisturisers or makeup you want to add after easier to blend in.

The Clay Mask is gentle and hydrating enough to use as frequently as you need. It is so nourishing. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that can often aggravate skin and lead to additional problems. Consistent use will help prevent dryness and build up of dead skin cells and you will definitely see a positive change in texture and tone. 

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“My son cut his knee skateboarding. What should I use?

First things first, obviously, stem the bleeding. Assuming you have done this, The Pure Oil Spray is the next course of action. It is a high concentrate of both our Blue Mallee Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils, both are incredibly powerful antibacterials and antiseptics. The Pure Oil is an alcohol base, also an effective antiseptic. 

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Covering the wound may be necessary to contain any bleeding and also to keep bacteria out. As the wound heals, it is important to keep it moist to prevent scarring, speed up healing and promote skin cell growth. Apply The Skin Balm to provide a long-lasting moisture shield. ETTO terpinen-4-ol rich Tea Tree oil has anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties to help calm any inflammatory redness and keep the wound safe. 

“I always wake up congested and puffy around my sinuses. Help!?

In the absence of a cold, flu or sinus infection, the congestion may be an allergic reaction to dust mites, pet fur, pollen or chemicals in your environment. Congestion can also come about through hormonal changes or from dry air, particularly if the air conditioning is on all night. Check your space and consider any root causes that can be removed or altered. 

To assist with decongesting sinuses you can’t go past Blue Mallee Eucalyptus. It is a potent anti-inflammatory that can help deal with mucosal inflammation that leads to the congestionI It is a well known decongestant and effectively liberates the nasal passages. 

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Drop one Forest Lungs Steam Inhaler into a bowl of hot water. Use a towel to create a tent over your head as you hold your face over the steam. The concentrated steam helps to loosen mucus and congestion, steam is a common remedy recommended by doctors for people with asthma and breathing difficulties. This is why we put the action of steaming together with the powerful decongestant properties of Blue Mallee - they are a match made in heaven for respiratory health! It also really clarifies your skin to do the steam with the Blue Mallee this way which can help brighten a tired face in the morning. 

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When taking a shower, place several drops of ETTO 100% Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil on the shower floor (in the corner or not so much where you will stand in case it is slippery) and let the steam and Blue Mallee blend to release mucous and clear your lungs, nose and mind. 

Another tip is to treat yourself to The Clay Mask in the morning. It’s lovely to do in the morning to refresh a tired, puffy face. It brightens and rehydrates with plant extracts and nourishing shea butter and macadamia. 

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“My skin is red, itchy and inflamed. How should I treat it?”

Red, itchy skin can feel distracting, irritating and we are often self-conscious about its appearance. 

Cool it down by making a cold compress. In a small bowl, add cold water, maybe even add some ice and 10 drops of ETTO 100% Tea Tree Oil. Douse a flannel and squeeze out. Place the flannel over irritated skin and hold for a few moments, replenishing the flannel with more cold water and repeating a few times. The cold water constricts blood vessels and reduces the flow of blood to the area helping to reduce redness. Tea Tree oil helps to reduce the inflammation and stimulates the healing process by triggering white blood cell activity. 

When in the shower, wash with the Premedicated All Over Body Foam daily. It is gentle and creamy, with antimicrobial coconut and ETTO Tea Tree to relieve irritation and redness. Its plant based formula means no harsh chemicals will aggravate your skin further, so it’s a good everyday essential to prevent skin rashes coming up and keep existing ones at bay. 

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The next step is to lather the creamy The Skin Balm over the skin, to not only soothe and provide stable hydration, but also to provide a skin barrier. This will help protect the skin from any environmental aggressors including bacteria, pollution and fungal organisms that could be causing its inflammation (which may also be eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, or psoriasis). The Skin balm also has ETTO’s terpinen-4-ol rich Tea Tree oil which has antibacterial properties and helps with reducing the inflammation.

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